At Birch & Brook we love the glow of candle light and as the nights draw in and the to-do lists grow longer it’s a great time of year to light candles at home. Scientifically proven to relax, the gentle, mesmerising quality of their light creates a restful atmosphere helping you unwind and restore calm.
It’s hard to imagine life without electricity but candles would have originally been the main source of light in many households. In some large houses owners would use candles to reflect their status and wealth. Local to us is one such house, Ham House in Richmond. This Christmas it will be re-creating the atmosphere of the 17th-Century. Designed to be seen in the dark, rooms were set up to be seen step by step. Each step would reveal something even more beautiful, rare, or precious.
Image: large staircase to support Christmas blog for Birch and Brook
From the 30th of November until the 5th of January, candles will guide your way through Ham House, providing soft light and a wonderful atmosphere.


Equally you can transform a room with scented candles. Reminiscent of an old wood paneled library, our Library candle is a beautifully spicy and soft woody fragrance perfect for winter evenings. A delicate fragrance, it also doesn’t run the risk of overwhelming guests. Another firm favourite at this time of year is our Fireside candle. A woody fragrance with smoky accents, this recreates the experience of an open fire. So set aside those lists and settle into the relaxing flickering of candlelight this winter!

library candle with pen and ink image to support Birch and Brook article about Christmas