BellaJ is an established lifestyle blog founded by wellness expert Sarah Jones. Sarah believes beauty products have to be enhanced with all other natural lifestyle and positivity such as health, food, wellness & exercise, which is explored through the blog's content. We were delighted that BellaJ took a shine to our Library candle.  

On Sunday afternoon, especially at this time of year I enjoy nothing more than curling up with a good book. Tapping into this very idea is Birch & Brook’s Library Candle, a heady yet incredibly soothing candle that captures the mood and atmosphere of a stolen afternoon, lost in the world of a book perfectly.

Lovingly handcrafted in England, using only 100% natural wax and ingredients that are sustainably sourced, this incredibly luxurious candle is without a shadow of doubt one of the most comforting candles I have ever had the pleasure of burning. Made from a distinctive and incredibly decadent blend of Guaicwood, Patchouli, Cinnamon, Clove bud, Cedarwood and Moss, this wonderfully complex candle really is rather special. Intoxicating yet calming, Library, is at least in my eyes so much more than just a scent – it’s an experience. In fact, just one sniff conjures up images of rain-soaked afternoons spent nose deep in the pages of a whole other world. And how could I not mention the scent throw off as it is equally as spectacular as the experience, after just one hour you will find that your entire home is filled with Library’s complex smoky yet earthy notes and it lingers too. 

Honestly, Library is the best candle I have experienced in a long while and if you’re a comfort seeker like me, I highly recommend giving it a sniff, as I am sure it will capture your heart too.

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