We Wear Perfume is a haven for perfume lovers. The blog was set up by Amanda Carr who is a retail trend forecaster and fragrance obsessive. We are so delighted that Birch & Brook was selected as one of the favourites.

Who doesn’t love a scented candle? Life can be improved immeasurably by simply lighting one up and letting the warm fragrance enhance a room’s mood. If you pick the right smell, It can feel as if you’ve switched on an ‘add atmosphere’ button. But now every Tom Dick and Harry makes them, how do you pick the best ones? Our insider access has allowed us to sniff a lot of wax over the last year, so here’s a few of or favourite ones to invest in.

For an under-the-radar beautiful niche brand, look at Birch & Brook. The fresh scents are beautifully balanced in natural waxes and are refreshingly gentle on the nose. The botanical Secret Garden is a winner but Library and Dressing Room are equally delicious and easy to love.

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