This month Birch & Brook joined Roullier White at their ‘Meet the Maker’ event held at the Roullier White store in East Dulwich, London. The star of the evening was Mark Buxton, one of modern perfumery's most celebrated and admired perfumers as well as being co-founder of another Birch & Brook stockist called Nose in Paris. Mark Buxton Perfumes launched in the UK at Roullier White and the brand has become one of the store's must successful luxury perfume lines.

So what makes Mark Buxton so special? Almost 20 years ago, a fragrance appeared in the world of perfume that was like nothing anyone had ever seen or smelled before. This was the first perfume by Commes des Garçons: Eau de Parfum – a sparkling array of spices and a collaboration between the fashion house’s founder and designer, Rei Kawakubo, and the nose Mark Buxton. Since developing this iconic fragrance, Mark went onto work for a range of different players in the industry from Cartier to Karl Lagerfeld, LVMH and Givenchy before launching his own line.

Mark told us he how he was born in Derby, England and left when he was 8 to go to Germany where his mother always cooked with rhubarb. This is an ingredient he commonly uses in his perfume but came as a surprise to him as its something he’s never enjoyed eating. He grew up in the kitchen at home and often uses cardamom and ginger in his fragrances to evoke memories of the past.

Today, Mark Buxton is the epitome of hedonism. Charismatic, sexy and unafraid to push the limits of perfumery, his daring approach and refreshing honesty was hugely inspiring. What is unique to Mark is his ability to translate his personal experience to create original scents. Influenced by his cosmopolitan lifestyle, he absorbs the atmosphere and seizes moments in a scented bottle.

One such moment resulted in the creation of his perfume, Black Angel. Mark was sitting in a nightclub where he was struck by the scent of a woman dressed in black which he felt compelled to capture in a fragrance. The result is a perfume that contrasts a light femininity with a dark sensuality with notes of ginger, amber and mandarin. She will never know she was the inspiration behind the creation. Other beautiful women have inspired fragrances such as Devil in Disguise and Sexual Healing…

Despite creating some legendary perfumes with brands such as Commes des Garçons, Mark’s passion will remain in niche perfumery and his passion for doing things differently was evident on the night.  It was a fantastic evening and I came away wanting to buy his whole collection!

Jessica Jones

Founder, Birch & Brook