Located in leafy East Dulwich and with a website showcasing the elegant, the unusual and the more functional, Roullier White is both a purveyor of perfumes and a veritable gold mine of irresistible items for the home.

Stepping into Roullier White is an unforgettable experience, a delightfully heady assault on one's senses. Perfume bottles from across the globe adorn racks of tall wooden shelves, alongside scented candles, bath gels and oils, ties and handkerchiefs, glassware and bone china, cards and cookery books - the more usual is juxtaposed with the unusual in a stylish hamper of delights. With the 1930s swing music conjuring an atmosphere of bygone chic, a visitor cannot fail to be seduced by this exhilarating and intoxicating festival of choice.

What's in a name?

Founded in 2005 by Lawrence Roullier White, the name of the boutique is a combination of Lawrence's mother’s maiden name (Roullier) and his father’s surname (White). White products generally stand for the more functional items for the home, while Roullier represents the more difficult to source, unique fragrances and products.

Fragrance is Lawrence's passion and his eponymous store has become the destination of choice for those who appreciate the wonderfully niche fragrances he expertly sources. Roullier White has the largest selection of rare fragrances in the UK and the shop goes to tremendous lengths to discover new products, favouring the smaller, specialist supplier wherever possible.

The idea for his truly unique boutique originally came to Lawrence one weekend when entertaining guests. He discovered there was nowhere locally to buy simple, elegant household basics like napkins, pillow cases or even cutlery. Having put the practical range in place, Lawrence decided to introduce some luxury brands and the rest is history.

The inspiration
Every one of the store's products has a story and Mrs White's homecare range is no exception. The inspiration for Mrs White's products came from Lawrence's great grandmother, who was in service from the age of 14. As a child, Lawrence loathed the smell of commercially produced cleaning products and when he found out what went into them he was horrified. Lawrence's mother had some recipes and notes that were handed down from his great grandmother and amongst them was her recipe for laundry soap. Lawrence used this recipe as a basis from which to produce Roullier White's first natural laundry product. The homecare range was a huge hit with the store's customers and this ultimately expanded into the very popular natural beauty products the company stocks today.

Roullier White has been variously described as “one of London’s finest lifestyle boutiques” by the Sunday Times, “perfume Mecca” by the Daily Telegraph and “the perfect mix of the practical and the beautiful” by actress Leslie Caron. So why were scented candles from Birch & Brook the perfect choice for Roullier White? Well the clues come from the philosophies which lay at the core of both brands, as Lawrence Roullier White explains:

 “With quality of scent, purity of manufacture and elegance of presentation at the very heart of the Birch & Brook ethos, their unique range of scented candles offer our customers the perfect mix of luxury and practicality, the hallmarks of Roullier White.”

You can find Birch & Brook scented candles and much more at Roullier White, 125 Lordship Lane, London SE22 8HU. Tel. 020 8693 5150. You might also like to visit their website: www.roullierwhite.com.